Black Diamond Chem is a leading manufacturer of Potassium Permanganate and Sodium Permanganate domestic and international markets. We commenced our operations in the later half of 2018. We have world class infrastructure and a strong and efficient technical team to back the entire production system. We are a world class enterprise, implementing the latest technology available, not only at the manufacturing level, but also throughout the organization. We implement the best business practices to serve the customer to its utmost satisfaction.

Mission Statement

We will provide attractive products and services up to the expectation of the customers around the world. Our vision reflects a long terms commitment to serve our customers.

  • Always embrace dreams & hope
  • Set high objective and keep on challenge
  • Care and value others
  • Manage yours timing wisely and others with great flexibility to change
  • safe respect to all members and create a spirit of teamwork.


  • Value time and have the flexibility to adjust for a change
  • Have sympathy with the fellow person and partners.
  • High targets and no limit to challenge.
  • A safe and comfortable place to work.
  • Serve the customer with sincerity.
  • Dedication towards work
To Realize Our Dream We Should conduct ourselves with Respect and Trust for each other while Challenging one another to strive for continuous improvement that enables us to become a company that contributes to the world.

Management Partners

Gautam Jain
Shefali Jain
Parsanna Jain